Setup Secure SSL using self-signed certificates



  • @Henry Simms ,

    can you remove our server IP from comment above, didn't know I was allowed to share it on public forum.

    thank you .

  • @Henry Simms left the path blank, comes back with error , .... not licensed.

    where do we usually find the already licensed key,

    as I belive it can be executed through swagger ui also for the find duplicates.

  • Henry Simms
    Henry Simms Administrator

    Thanks @HussainSyed our team will contact you directly with the remote Find Dupes license key.

    @Josh Boxer FYI

  • @Sueann See How do I apply the

    Use Data Studio to apply your Find duplicates step license: click on your username, select the Update license dialog and enter your license key.

    when I already have the licensed product but it is showing as not licensed.

  • @Josh Boxer

    can you please assist as it is affecting business.

    @Sueann See

    Yes I have read it in the instructions, but have less idea about where the LK is ..

    @Henry Simms thanks

  • @Henry Simms

    I have sent the email according to instructions you gave.