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I'm trying to use the Transform step in Aperture 2 and am finding that, with the limited number of columns viewable in Aperture 2 (10/20/50 rows etc) compared to the whole table being visible in Aperture 1, handling wide tables is particularly fiddly eg simply moving a column from the end of a wide table to just after column 50 (in a 100+ column table) is particularly frustrating.

Has anybody else found this? Are there any plans to improve in future releases?




  • Nb I've also just noticed that, eventually, this will break and moving columns within the 2nd page of 50 will incorrectly cause them to appear on the 1st page (that is without taking them to the top)


  • Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for raising this. The reason we paginate it is down to performance issues. As you probably know we have quick options to move any column to the top, but moving it halfway in the columns list is trickier. There are a couple of solutions to improve this we have talked about:

    1) Replacing pagination with 'lazy loading' whereby elements are loaded into view as you scroll.

    2) Adding 'copy' and 'insert above', 'insert below' to the menu by each column. This would make it easy to copy and paste one or more columns to anywhere within the dataset.

    I will see if we can get this kind of improvements discussed and prioritized.

    With regards to the bug you mention, it will be good if you could reproduce the issue and list the steps, but I will see if I can also recreate it.


  • Hi @Adrian Westlake

    Thanks for the response.

    Of the 2 options above the 2nd one would be preferable (the former might add scrolling delay). Alternatively use of the right mouse for 'insert here' (in the style of Excel) would work well too.

    Re:bug - it only seemed to occur after moving around 30 columns - and then kept reoccurring.

    My Transform step had table A, alongside table B (each with around 40 columns) and after each column in table A, I was inserting a comparison of the column between A and the same column in B. I then wanted to move the column from B alongside the comparison (to make for easy analysis) - repetitive (and easily done in Excel) but I wanted to create an operational solution


  • Hi Nigel,

    Yes, we've been able to reproduce the bug. It seems that it places it in the right order as you drop it but on the first page. I've raised that urgently with the team so we should be able to roll a fix out soon.


  • Hi,

    One further thing... it is really annoying to set the count to 50 then for it to keep defaulting to 20 😫



  • Also, especially for Christmas, on my list would be the option to have a rightclick mouse option on a column heading when displayed giving the option to hide a column?

    (and, even better, being able to drag columns to their required position on the display)


    Nigel@Nigel Light

  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    There is a way to do this Nigel, as shown in this short video but you have to be in explore mode and then save it to the workflow, it doesn't help if you are in the column chooser or function builder

  • Thanks @Clinton Jones - really useful and will save a lot of time (Christmas has come early!)



    @Nigel Light

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