Data Stewardship Priorities

Clinton JonesClinton Jones Administrator
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When you think about Data Stewardship, what does that really mean to you and what do you think matters most?

Before you answer the poll, you might want to do some research, it's a jungle out there!

Either way, in the context of what you do, what you know and what you need, how do you consider Data Governance needs in your context?

Which of these three items is your number one priority, assuming you already have some tools in place (like Data Studio with Find Duplicates) to evaluate and cleanse your data?

Data Stewardship Priorities 2 votes

Model all my business rules for use with all my data
0% 0 votes
Resolve contentious single and bulk records using manual selection or search
50% 1 vote
Apply a central repository of rules consistently to any data that i may have
50% 1 vote
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