Extracting titles and honorifics from names (advanced)

In this earlier post I described how you might want to extract titles or honorifics from a name string, this might be important for a marketing campaign where to you wish to personalize your communication by saying dear sir or madam.

Unfortunately the data isn't always as we want it and sometimes we land up with names of customers for which there are some titles and some without titles in the name field.

We need to cope with this and the only way without using a programmatic standardization approach is with conditional logic.

We can see here that the Substring function disnt quite work as we would like it to for Row 4

However, if we have a list of titles or honorifics we can ensure that we don't pull out the forename or in fact any other invalid honorific. The trick here is to use the MAKE VARIABLE action to assign the substring action to a variable which in this case I called honorific and then use the honorific to evaluate using an EQUALS function

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