Datasetdropzone directory changes in v2.1.2

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Hi all,

I’m writing this post to inform you all on the upcoming change to the datasetdropzone directory in v2.1.2. Prior to v2.1.2, the datasetdropzone folders are only segregated by environment. In v2.1.2, the datasetdropzone directory is now segregated by space as well.

What changes can you expect for the datasetdropzone directory in v2.1.2?

  • When a Space is created, a corresponding folder (named after the External label) will be created under the respective Environment folder.
  • When an External label is set for a dataset, a corresponding folder (named after the External label will be created under the respective space folder.
  • Renaming the external label of the environment/space/dataset will cause the names of the respective folders to be renamed as well.
  • When an environment/space/dataset is deleted, the corresponding folders will be deleted as well.

Please see below for an example of the directory structure for the Export folder.

What is the impact when upgrading to v2.1.2 from an older Data Studio version?

  • External label for Spaces will be defaulted if previously empty as this is now a mandatory field.
  • Folders will be created accordingly for each existing space. All dataset folders will be moved into their respective space folders. 

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