Setting up custom Find Duplicates rules

@Carolyn asks

I would like to set up a custom Find Duplicates - Not sure how to set up Find Duplicates Rules and Blocking Keys

When you select the find duplicates step you tell it the fields (match columns) you need to use.

  • I have 5 lines in my address.
  • Line 1 and 2 make up the address - so might be Unit 1/28 and second column can be street - l am unable to use the same field premise and street. I want the 2 lines to be matched as one field.
  • I am assuming the fields l map here is the field it has in the find duplicates mapping?
  • I have the same issue with FIrst name and middle names, l am unable to match to the same field.

Is there a way around this?

The second problem is resolving for not getting good matches

  • l want to match on first name, middle name, surname and a 5 line address
  • Also like to add Date of Birth but if you have a date of birth in one line, but not another, l want it to match fully on name and address
  • How do l setup a custom FInd Duplicates to apply this?
  • Can l copy individual and change somehow to minimise to this set for starters?

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  • stevenmckinnonstevenmckinnon Contributor

    This looks so much easier than older versions, hopefully get my upgrade on Thursday :) Manually writing the blocking rules and matching keys has hurt my head for too long.

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