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We welcome you and your views in our community! We want to make this a positive, safe and vibrant place to discuss Aperture products and all things data quality. If you have a genuine technical support query or issue please don't post it here, but raise a ticket in the My Experian portal or contact your local support team instead.

Here are the dos and the don'ts: 


  • ask questions – the community is here to help! Respect people's time by asking well-thought-out questions with a clear subject line and enough detail. 
  • answer questions. your knowledge and expertise is what brings people back.
  • add to the ideas board - we are committed to listening to your feedback and making the most needed changes to our products.
  • keep your tone positive, your comments constructive and be patient with others (some of us are not as technical as others!). 
  • share tips and tricks that you’ve learned along the way.  
  • give praise where praise is due. Hit that Like button, and if a response answers your question, mark it as such. 
  • help to moderate the community yourself. We have filters and moderators, but your proactive reporting of inappropriate content will help keep this a spam and troll-free zone. Simply click 'Flag' under any post you don't think follows these guidelines.  
  • be yourself and only yourself. Be open about who you are, your affiliations and tastes. Keep one account only. 
  • report abuse if you come across it. 
  • share on social media. See something you like in our community? Feel free to tell others!  


  • advertise. There are plenty of places on the internet to do that, this is not one of them. This includes job listings and other solicitations. 
  • troll or slam. We will simply delete your post. If you are a persistent offender, we will suspend or delete your profile. 
  • spam, or post the same stuff multiple times. Duplicate posts may be deleted without notice. 
  • use all caps. We consider this shouting, and that’s not nice. 
  • hijack someone else’s post. Keep discussions on topic, and start a new discussion if you need to raise an unrelated question. 
  • pose as a member of Experian staff, unless you work for us. 
  • disclose any information that belongs to someone else, or may compromise their privacy. 
  • post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see… you know what we mean! 
  • use offensive or inflammatory language. 
  • share personal or organizational information that shouldn’t be public - such as email address, phone number, website URLs, IP/MAC address, service request numbers etc. 
  • share sensitive or confidential material, including data, passwords, log files, script output, or other such material. 
  • post anything that might violate contractual agreements (copyright, trade secret or otherwise) or nondisclosure agreements to which you are a party.

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