How to earn points, badges and to increase rank

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The Experian Data Quality Community isn't about the volume of discussions and questions but about the quality and depth of each of our members' contributions - and our reward system is designed to reflect this.


You can earn points by:

  • commenting on other member's posts, or submitting answers to their questions
  • getting likes for your discussions, questions, comments, and answers
  • earning badges


You earn badges by performing specific actions. We don't want to give too much away, but a great way to get your first badge is by updating your profile picture or by making your first comment. Our badge system will evolve as the community grows, but we'll never remove badges that you’ve already earned.

Level up

Earning a certain number of points means you'll move up to a new rank. Your rank is displayed next to your username. You’ll notice that some community members have a special rank next to their names ('Experian...', 'Moderator', or 'Administrator') - this means they are Experian employees. Like you, they are members of the community, and they're encouraged to share their knowledge and opinions here.

Give others credit

A community relies on the feedback and likes we give to each other:

  • As a poster, it’s good manners to provide feedback to those who have taken the time to respond to you.
  • As a reader, keep our community strong by taking the extra two seconds to like a great post or a comment. 

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