Data Views - an abstracted view of your data sources

An entirely new concept of data views based on datasets is introduced in V2.0.

Views enable designers of workflows and Space administrators to distill and abstract data from datasets in such a way as to ensure that other workflow designers, data consumers and users of a given Space or View, can only see curated data.

Data curation through views supports all the typical functions associated with single table manipulation such as sorting, filtering, column hiding as well as lookups to translate coded data into more meaningful data using reference tables (often referred to or considered as data domains).

Views can be created on views to further abstract the data in the support of obfuscation or simply giving users exactly what they need to get their job done.

Views also support interactive searching, filtering, grouping and general data exploration according to the needs of the user accompanied by the ability to profile data at any point.

Data in views can also be downloaded if the right permissions are available.

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