Democratizing and controlling data access in v2.0

Clinton Jones
Clinton Jones Experian Elite
edited December 2023 in General

Data Studio v2.0 provides a sophisticated and secure architecture for exposing data to the enterprise in a controlled way from Excel spreadsheets, .CSV, .PSV, .SAS7BDAT, .TXT.

Datasets can also be loaded from cloud storage environments like Azure blobs, Amazon S3 and Google Big Query and RedShift and Bigdata environments like Spark SQL, and Hadoop HDFS.

Databases are connected to via native JDBC drivers for Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2 and also systems of record like Eloqua and Salesforce.

Clients can add other JDBC drivers for other databases and systems of record as require.

When datasets are added, they can be configured to be either static or incremental with periodic data refreshes aggregating to form a view of data that changes over time and increases in the number of rows available for use.

Clients can also develop custom file parsers for more exotic file types from legacy systems or custom deep-nested XML or JSON formats.

File parsing support for the proprietary Metro2 credit file format is also available.