Environments - giving your Data Studio installation more flexibility with sandboxes

Clinton Jones
Clinton Jones Experian Elite
edited December 2023 in General

One of the characteristics of business-critical systems is that they need to be secured in such a way that experimentation and sandbox type activities as well as new development work, is isolated from the operational daily use of the system.

With v2.0 a new feature is introduced to support the implementation of development, quality assurance and production environments that are fully compartmentalized and isolated from one another.

This feature can also be used to set up discrete business units with an installation or to spawn multiple training, sandbox and production-like environments.

Although this feature is available within a single installation, clients are encouraged to have separate production installations of Data Studio in order to more properly control users, access and systems in general.



  • Looks great @Clinton Jones  - if I understand this correctly,m I can envisage a pre-prod environment for testing prior to moving solutions to Live?

    Any news on a release date for v2.1 (so we can think about migrating from 1.x?)


  • Clinton Jones
    Clinton Jones Experian Elite

    that's correct @Nigel Light - you could have a pre-prod on your dev or on your production environment.

    having pre-prod on your live environment means you can compartmentalize the activity but benefit from the horsepower of the physical or virtual machine that you use in production.

    Development is starting to scope the work for migration utilities - our aspiration is to have these available at the end of the quarter.

    I would recommend considering a sandbox on a laptop or small machine in your environment sooner rather than later so that you can get a feel for how you might redesign some of your existing artefacts in the v2 world.

    What you bring in from v1 might be better served with some rethinking with all the design choices you will have available in v2.