Connecting to an SMTP email server that does not require authentication

Henry Simms
Henry Simms Administrator
edited December 4 in General

Data Studio lets you configure an SMTP server connection, which can then be used to send email notifications when particular events occur.

Some SMTP servers do not require authentication: username and password details do not need to be provided. In this case, when you click the "Test SMTP Configuration" button after configuring your SMTP properties in Data Studio, the connection will fail with the following line in the server log:

SMTP connection attempt failed: 535 Authentication failed. Restarting authentication process.

To allow un-authenticated connections in Data Studio v1.x, we need to add a new setting into the file, located in the Data Studio install root directory:


After adding this line and restarting the Data Studio server, you should be able to connect to your SMTP server

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