Is it possible to 'pull' data from Aperture Data Studio into Excel?

Nigel Light
Nigel Light Contributor
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Whilst there is the option to export data from Data Studio into Excel, is it possible to pull data into Excel from Data Studio using an edit-bar drop-down?

If so, are there any licence considerations to do this?



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  • Danny Roden
    Danny Roden Administrator

    Hi Nigel, you can publish data from Data Studio, a snapshot via ODBC as an option for exposing a 'latest' version of a given step result (if it's a workflow that's ran routinely, e.g. validation results).

    Any data published via ODBC can then be setup as a data source for reference/pulling into Excel via the below options (you can then simply 'refresh' Excel to pull through the latest data from that snapshot as and when it refreshes).

  • Nigel Light

    Thanks Danny - sounds ideal for distributing the results of data quality jobs...does the recipient need an Aperture licence?

  • Nigel Light

    Sounds good (and a good point re:opening ports, removing firewalls etc too)

    Thanks Danny

  • Clinton Jones
    Clinton Jones Experian Elite

    Just be aware that there are bitness issues with JDBC (32bit vs 64bit) and most Excel implementations only support 32bit whereas Data Studio is 64bit by default.