Availability of source file/table metadata

Nigel Light
Nigel Light Contributor
edited December 2023 in General


We are using Aperture to compare profile statistics from 2 tables from different SQL databases following an upgrade to SQL Server.

Is the source database/table name available so we can include it in a report (without having to create a constant value each time we change sources)?




  • Clinton Jones
    Clinton Jones Experian Elite

    @Nigel Light the table name is not surfaced in the profile step - this is a deficiency that has been identified as an opportunity for improvement

    You can see in the profile view that there are more columns available than are displayed.

    You can expose further columns for your session via the configure button but this is a transient setting and only applies to this profiling session.

    Unfortunately the source table is not one of these hidden columns.

    @Henry Simms you might want to comment further on when we are likely to surface the table name in the profile view.

  • Thanks Clinton - great to hear it is coming soon. The database name would be a useful addition too (for comparing the same table from different sources). Nige