Data Studio v1.6.0 is now available!

Roberta GillRoberta Gill Administrator

The latest version of Data Studio introduces new features, existing functionality enhancements, performance improvements and a number of bug fixes. Try it out.

Some of the new features include:

  • A number of enhancements to the Validate addresses step
    • Ability to select predefined custom layouts for output columns, giving you more control over the format in which cleaned addresses are returned;
    • Availability of new enrichment data including:
      • Australia Customer Barcode and various propensity, predictor and geographical data sets,
      • United Kingdom data for sets including Just Built, Not Yet Built and the Multiple Residence file,
      • United States Tigerline Co-ordinates, and various barcode sets,
      • A variety of data for Australia G-NAF, New Zealand, Singapore and UK Addressbase. See data guides for more information.
  • Various enhancements to the Find duplicates step and the Find duplicates real-time search and transactional API:
  • To increase the security, you can now encrypt the duplicate store,
  • The default country used in the address standardization process can now be defined in the rules when a country is not explicitly supplied as input,
  • The real-time search and transactional API now returns additional information on duplicate stores and their settings, and on cluster auditing.

Find out more.

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