Unioning data example workflow with customer data

Clinton Jones
Clinton Jones Experian Elite
edited December 2023 in Tips and tricks

This workflow combines the sample data of Customer V1 and Customer V3 to demonstrate that the data from a common schema can be combined using a UNION step.4

The FILTER step reduces this to just UK data

The BRANCH step sends the data in two directions, to an inline PROFILE step and to a SPLIT step.

The profile, does a limited profile, on only the first and last name and email address.

The SPLIT step, looks at only the records that have nothing missing in first and last name and email address, it is a compound criteria check.

The records that meet this check fall into a branch of the SPLIT step that produces an file via the EXPORT step when the workflow is explicitly executed.

The records that don't meet the compound criteria check feed into another branch which allows the results of the split to be profiled again and feed into a TRANSFORM ste that adds a hashid based on the contents of the row.

The hashid is a simple way to do group ing of exact duplicate rows. A simple sort sequences the deduped (grouped) rows by names and email and all of the end nodes except for the export then feed into a MULTIVIEW step