Extract a number (6-char SIC code) from a string and perform a lookup (2-char SIC to get category)

Using some of the Company's House open data, I recently built a simple workflow that extracts the SIC code from a string and then used a lookup table to retrieve the SIC Category (using a 2-char SIC classification) - thought I'd share it on here in case it's of use to anyone (see video


Also I'm keen to understand, what open data sources you are all using in your Aperture Data Studio environments? Listed below are a below useful ones I've found helpful:


  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite

    There are a couple of ISO 'lists' that i have used to decode abbreviations and encodings using lookups, also in Australia there are a few pieces of public data that ar owned by the states like "Mr Fluffy" data that are useful for identifying traits in property. To be properly useful though, those lists need to be run through batch to ensure the addresses are actually valid.

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