Automatic Deletion of Dataset

Mahulima Contributor


Is there a way we can delete the data in the dataset by setting up some Process? For example running a WF to delete the data in the Dataset. But we want to keep the Dataset metadata.




  • Mirjam Schuke
    Mirjam Schuke Administrator

    Hi Mahulima,

    A dataset can contain one or more batches of data. Refreshing it will either overwrite the batch or add to the existing data depending on your setting.

    You can set the source step in the Workflow to delete a batch of data after is has been succesfully processed. This can be selected in dataset details as well.

    Since v2.14 (released in May) you can set a timeframe (nr. of days) per dataset or a number of batches when you'd like the data to be automatically deleted.

  • Mahulima
    Mahulima Contributor

    @Mirjam Schuke

    I am here looking for Solution Single batch Dataset . But in my case I want to delete data for those datasets which are not being used by any workflow or not being refreshed for N number of days. If those are in use even if N number of days passed I dont want to delete data from them