SNOW Connection - OAUTH2.0 in Aperture

Mahulima Contributor

@henry_ @Henry Simms @Josh Boxer

We are trying to Build the External System connection through API in Aperture, the authentication method is OAuth 2.0

I am able to get the response in Postman and also able to Download the JSON file and then process the Same in Aperture, then i can see the Table and also the records. But with Progress Data Direct I am not getting the response file

Can you please help and suggest

Another observation:

When in Progress Data Direct we tried with OAuth2 , Fetch Auth Token is giving us error


Basic and OAuth2 Both Authentication Type: In the Configuration Endpoint tab we can see the List of the End Points but no data and when we Send the GET Endpoint on which we have access we are getting the below Error

Any Suggestion on this will be highly appreciated :) We are now stuck to integrate with SNOW as Source System.

We are getting response in Postman with Both Authentication Method 1. Basic 2. OAuth 2.0 But in Progress Data Direct we are not able to get the response, also then need some suggestion how to configure this in ADS external System Settings. We are now set up like this