Exposing functions outside of Data Studio (🎤Have your say)

Danny Roden
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Hi everyone,

In this post I'd like to provide you all with a sneak peak of a new real-time data quality enforcement offering that we're currently exploring, that we'd love to get your feedback on (complementing our existing contact data validation products). The idea centres around exposing Data Studio functionality (e.g. validation rules, cleansing logic etc) via API so that it can become a Data Quality Hub housing all the rules for both retrospective DQ cleansing/monitoring/transformation as well as for real-time data quality enforcement:

For example, it could be used to expose simple mapping rules in SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics, so that CRM fields can enforce quality/validity using a consistent definition as is being used for bulk data monitoring too:

To help give you a sense of this capability, I've put together a short video showcasing an early preview of this functionality:

We'd love to get your thoughts on this and help us shape the product direction going forwards so if you could spare a moment to complete the very short survey after watching this video it'd be really appreciated:



Danny & @Chris Roy