Error Message : 4022: Input columns different size to output columns

Good morning,

I'm trying to get outputs of a particular workflow, see image below, but it fails and returns the title error.

The input is coming from the REST API that collects Aperture stats and the grouping is done on the column NAME (see attached file); the Rows to Columns step is introduced to re-orientate the data for presentation purposes, so we end up with the Names as columns (total 4 on this case).

Is there any issues with this logic?

Many thanks for your support.



  • Henry Simms
    Henry Simms Administrator

    Hi @Marco_13112001 - I have reproduced your problem and will raise it with our team now.

    A workaround seems to be if the uncheck the "Group and aggregate values" box on the Rows To Columns step, the workflow will execute:

    In this case, you can get the same grouping in a Group step following Rows To Columns by creating an aggregate for each column:

  • @Henry Simms Many thanks again for your help.