How can we trigger notification to users if there is a delay in incoming file?

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  • Danny Roden
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    Hi @Sai,

    If you could share some more details next time you post that'd be helpful, but I think I get the general ask here, so here's my initial response.

    First you're going to want to gather the timestamp from the source file (this will be dynamic based on each execution, so if this workflow is triggered via a file landing in a dropzone then the timestamp will be the key to assessing if the file has arrived before or after the cut-off window).

    Lets say for this example we want to check whether the file arrives before 3am, then next we'll want to feed this into a split (or a validate) step, where the logic for the validation is defined.

    For this calculation I'm going to simply compare the time from my timestamp with the cut-off (in this case 3am) and then check if the result is >0 (to see if it's late or not).

    Any records passing this check will be then fed into a 'Fire Event' step configured to trigger whenever rows are present:

    In order to configure the 'fire event' step I'd suggest setting up a custom event and custom automation (to trigger the email alert/notification). This is as simple as follows:

    Notice how I've specified a custom parameter in the event which I can map in the workflow (when using the Fire Event step) and this can then be explicitly referenced in the message sent to the user:

    Once enabled, this workflow will trigger a notification (or email alert if you choose that instead) to the required users, in my case it looks something like this:

    Hopefully this helps you with what you're after? Either way please let me know in the comments 😊


  • Sai
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    Thanks Danny. This is very useful.