🤩 Welcome to our new look Data Quality Community!

Tanj Jagpal
Tanj Jagpal Administrator
edited February 13 in General

You asked for a community forum that was easier to navigate, packed with expert content and with a clear way to share ideas for improvement!

Christmas has truly come early, and you can now enjoy our new look community forum with much clearer and structured categories, including categories specifically for our Experian experts to share their expert knowledge!

Finally, we have introduced an ideas board where you can share the biggest challenges you are facing with Aperture Data Studio and allow others to upvote your idea to the product team!

A huge thank you to all that were involved in making this happen (you know who you are!).

As with anything new, there may be a few bugs and glitches, but if you do spot anything, feel free to send me a message using the inbox feature at the top of the screen.

Cheers 🍾