📙 revAlation (with ApertureData Studio + Alation demo 💻)

Danny Roden
Danny Roden Administrator
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Last week a few of us from Experian (Fran, Nicole, @Job, @Josh Boxer, @Doug & I) attended RevAlation, a three day event in London hosted by one of our technology partners, Alation

A common discussion point was everyone driving their Data Governance agenda were also tackling Data Quality. Whilst Data Governance continues to become a bigger topic at senior leadership level, those dealing with the tasks on a day-to-day basis are confronted with many Data Quality issues which don’t have the same senior leadership focus.

The need for wider communication around this topic was apparent and is something we’ve pledged to help our customers with. Another key takeaway was that just as one person can’t do every job, no one tool can either. This applies to both Data Governance and Data Quality and was particularly clear after speaking with other vendors at the event. There are a variety of solutions all tackling different Data problems which really puts business in the driving seat. However, this highlights the need to do accurate research to make sure customers get the right solution.    

For those interested in how Aperture Data Studio connects with Alation, one of many data catalogues which we can write data in and out from, please see below for a short demo which was put together for the event:

Let me know your thoughts/questions below and any takeaways for those of you who were also at the event!