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I want to fill a Dataset on scheduled basis from an oData source, but no oData options are available in my External Systems section of Aperture.

I think I need to download and configure a JDBC oData driver, or am I missing something in Aperture?

Many Thanks



  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Luke

    You can share data from Data Studio support using OData, but not the other way around.


    What is the source system you want to use to get data into Data Studio?

  • Henry Simms
    Henry Simms Administrator
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    OData is a standard protocol for creating RESTful APIs, which means you should be able to consume any OData API using Aperture's Autonomous REST connector.

    The connector (specifically the .rest config file used by the driver) can be tricky to configure initially. I've just posted some steps to get started with loading from OData using Autonomous REST.

  • Hi,

    We connect to a subscription fulfilment system. Within the system we can create queries/filters and then access the data from those via a secure oData.svc, the filter names are returned via the oData.svc call.

    Thanks Henry that's great, I've had a go at this but so far I'm getting the following error

    Error while doing the sampling, exception details:[ApertureDataStudio][AutoREST JDBC Driver]This driver is locked for use with embedded applications.

    Have you any ideas on this? I think I need to figure out how the full rest endpoint should look rather than using the oData.svc, but I'm not sure.

    I need to do some more reading up on all this, I'll feedback here with any further information.