How is true / false field stored in Aperture?

JRoweJRowe Experian Employee

Note that the data below is business data and not PII.

Issue: When I import the CSV file created in Aperture into PowerCurve Assisted Strategy Design, it does not recognise the values in the CSV file as being text “TRUE” or “FALSE”.

If I copy the values in this column and paste them into the same column as Values, then it works.

Question: What is the actual value stored in this column when generated in Aperture that it is not read as text true/false, but appears to be text true/false?

Transformation done on CustomerCVR field:

How the resulting column looks in Aperture:

How the resulting column looks in Excel (the exported csv file created using Export to CSV function in Aperture workflow)

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  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator
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    If I am understanding then Data Studio is calculating a column with values as true/false, you are loading this data into another application which is checking for the value "TRUE". So your options would be to get the other application to check for "true" or to Transform the value prior to export either using the Uppercase function or if that does not work then changing true/false to 1/0

  • JRoweJRowe Experian Employee
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    I amended the split in the software to check for "true" and this now works. Thanks for the help.


  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Jen

    I am not entirely clear on what you are asking especially this: "not read as text true/false, but appears to be text true/false"

    What is the issue that you are having that you are trying to solve?

  • JRoweJRowe Experian Employee

    Hi Josh

    In PCSM, I have a script that checks Customer CVR.Valid DK CVR = "TRUE"

    Nothing falls into this split unless I do the copy and paste. Then it works. Not sure if I should put this question to the SM product team?

  • JRoweJRowe Experian Employee

    I'll try these options and let you know how it goes

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