Aperture link to Googlesheet thru BigQuery

I am in Aperture Version
I am trying to get connected to Googlesheet thru BigQuery.
BigQuery is set up with link to Googlesheet and connection to BigQuery from Aperture seems to work ok.
External system Connection is OK, using Service Account with .jason Private Key File.

But when I try to add dataset in aperture table named ‘Response’ I am getting the following error message:

[ApertureDataStudio][GoogleBigQuery JDBC Driver][GoogleBigQuery]Access Denied: BigQuery BigQuery: Permission denied while getting Drive credentials. in statement [SELECT `Timestamp`,`ID`,`Site`,`Region`,`Division`,`Country`,`Date`,`Reporter`,`Place`,`Eventtitle`,`Description` FROM `Response`]

The service account email is granted access to the googlesheet as well as the table in BigQuery, but the above error is not going away.

Any clues anyone?


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