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Is there any Official Data Studio Certification?

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  • Tanj JagpalTanj Jagpal Administrator
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    Hi @Mahulima!

    We are pleased to announce that we will be launching our e-learning platform fully by mid-July 2023 following a successful launch in the UK! Although the first phase of the launch does not include certification, it will be a feature that we enable shortly after launch.

    The current courses available are:

    • What is Aperture Data Studio? (Short intro video)
    • Sample data (A repository of different files for people to use)
    • Aperture data preparation and discovery
    • Collaboration and release management
    • Data manipulation
    • Data validation

    I have also attached a short promo video showing them what the platform looks like and the different ways of learning that are available.

    If you require access to the e-learning platform, please let me know.


  • Tanj JagpalTanj Jagpal Administrator
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    Certification will be provided based on an examination taking place. The Learning Team are currently working on the examination criteria and format and we will update the forum when this is available.

    This is to ensure people are taking the time to understand the training content, with examination taken annually to ensure the certification remains valid.

    We are also looking at connecting achievements from the LMS to our community forum, where you will achieve badges. Again, we will update the forum when this is ready.


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