Refresh a dataset from REST WS

Slimani Member
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Hi dear community,

Is it possible to refresh a dataset data through REST web service ?

I know that we can:

1- upload a file into Aperture through REST

2- create a dataset data using the file key

But I can not see how to refresh an existing dataset data with a new uploaded file ,( I don't want to use delete function because it will broke my workflows using that initial dataset data)

Thanks a lot for you help



  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Ali

    Manually create a Workflow using Dataset A. In Source step select 'Can supply source when executed'

    Using APIs, as you mention above, create Dataset B then run workflow with Dataset B

    Optional delete Dataset B, repeat Dataset C etc.


    An alternate option that might be easier than API in this case is to use a Dropzone folder to automatically update the Dataset and an Automation to run the Workflow whenever the Dataset is updated.