Licensing for Aperture Data Studio

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This article provides an overview of all things cloud licensing including pre-requisites, activation and management guide and links to helpful documentation.

Should you wish to switch to cloud licensing, please speak to your account manager or your local support team.

Advantages of cloud licensing

  • Faster setup and time to value. You can retrieve your license token once you’ve access to the Aperture Self Service Portal.
  • Able to switch your license to another server without requesting a new key.
  • Full control of your license tokens. You can manage your license tokens easily via the Aperture Self Service Portal.
  • Seamless renewal with no downtime. You do no need to switch token keys during renewal.
  • Get notified when your license is about to expire. By default, you will receive 2 expiry reminder emails, 60 days prior to expiry and on expiry itself (This is customizable. Only Expiry notification is applicable for Aperture Data Studio.).
  • Single sign on between Experian data quality community forum and Aperture Self Service Portal.


Internet connectivity (or via proxy server) to the server where Aperture Data Studio is deployed. Aperture Data Studio makes outbound call to Experian servers to ensure licensing data is up to date. As such, we recommend that our services are whitelisted by your network administrator to prevent access issues. To do so please ensure that the url below is whitelisted in your outbound firewall rules:

Activating a cloud license for Aperture Data Studio

Note: This article assumes that Aperture Data Studio is already installed. If you need help with installation, please refer here or contact your local support team.

  1. Once you have accessed the Aperture Self Service Portal, click on Deployments and the click on your Aperture Data Studio deployment.
  2. Click on ‘Get token’ and then copy it.
  3. Next, login to Aperture Data Studio. If you haven’t entered a license, the Update license page will be shown. Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Switch to cloud licensing’. If you’re using the legacy license key, the ‘Update license’ option can be found in the menu under your Profile icon.
  4. Paste the token that you’ve copied at the ‘License token’ textbox and click on ‘Apply’.
  5. Congratulations, you’ve now successfully activated cloud licensing.

You can refer here for further reading on managing your Aperture Data Studio license.

Cloud license management FAQ

  1. Do I need to update the license token during renewal?
    1. No, renewing your license won’t affect the existing license token. This will ensure no downtime on your end.
  2. Do I still need an internet connection after activating my cloud license?
    1. Yes, internet connection is still required as Aperture Data Studio periodically pings Experian servers to ensure your license information is always up to date.
  3. Does this mean that I will lose access to Aperture Data Studio if there is interruption to my internet service?
    1. Aperture Data Studio will continue to work for several days. This should give enough time for internet services to resume normally.
  4. I’ve purchased Address data along with Data Studio. Will this require a separate license key?
    1. No, you can use the same license key. However, if you wish to configure auto downloads for the address data (via EU windows client or EU REST API), you will need the EU Token, which can be retrieved from the Electronic Updates Portal. Please see here for more information.
  5. I’ve recently purchased a new add-on for my Aperture Data Studio deployment, but it is not reflected in my license information. Is the licensing information not updated?
    1. Aperture Data Studio pings Experian license servers daily to retrieve licensing information. However, you can also force a refresh by clicking on the ‘Refresh license information’ button at the ‘About Aperture Data Studio’ page.
  6. What is included in the request to Experian licensing servers?
    1. The only information sent is the token value and the details of the machine that made the request.
  7. I suspect that my license token has been compromised. How do I generate a new one?
    1. You can refer here for more details on generating a new token.