How do I find if there are any duplicates across 15 different columns?

Kath. A
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I'm looking for a quicker/easier way to compare data across 15 columns and let me know if any of the data appears more than once. There are a lot of nulls across all columns, which an equals function would say are a match, however i don't need to know about the blanks.

I have done it previously through transform and adding a new column for each of the 15 columns and removing the nulls in that column before doing an equals function to compare each of the other columns, however it seems like such a long way around and i'm sure there has to be a quicker way.

Just to confirm i mean duplicates within that one row - not finding duplicates in the whole table based on the 15 columns.

If anyone knows a better way that would be great!

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  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Kath

    If i read correctly, you are looking for the same value in different columns in the same row.

    1. Add a column using the 'Current row' function
    2. Use Columns to rows to turn the values into a long list
    3. Group by row number and values with a count aggregate