How do you set up a custom event to trigger when a cell value exceeds a set tolerance?

Pete Robson
Pete Robson Member
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Hi all,

I have a workflow which is currently producing the below output:

I'd like to set up an automation whereby an email is automatically sent out once the value exceeds 100. Can anyone provide guidance on the best way to do this? I've had a flick through other Community posts and it appears that the best option would be to use the Custom Event/Fire Event process but I'm not too sure on the correct way to set it up.




  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Pete

    1. Create a Custom event
    2. Add a Transform step to your workflow that checks value is greater than 100 if it is then return true.
    3. Add a Fire event step to your workflow that picks up the true/false in preceding step
    4. Create an Automation
      1. set Event type to the Custom event created in (1) and a filter for equals true
      2. Action type Send email

  • Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the reply. Finding some of the info around the Fire Event & Custom Event difficult to follow:

    1. I've created a Custom Event - are the parameter fields required? If so, I'm assuming this needs the name to be TOLERANCE_LEVEL and the description to be >=100?
    2. I've added a new column called 'Exceeds Tolerance?' which is returning True/False
    3. I've linked Fire Event to the Transform step, and selected Custom Event. It's then asking me for the parameter so I've selected TOLERANCE_LEVEL, but am now unclear on the next step. Do I need to enter True into the value field here? Or is it a different value?
    4. I think the automation has been set up correctly. In the Event Type I've selected the Custom Event (which has the fire event symbol to the left of it?) and the Filter step property has TOLERANCE_LEVEL there, so I've selected that and added = True.

    Have you got any pointers on the above?



  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Sounds like you have set up everything correctly. Yes you need a Parameter to assign a value to (desc can be anything or null)

    On the Fire event step you want to set the parameter to equal the First column value 'Exceeds Tolerance'

  • Thanks Josh have slightly amended the Fire Event in line with the above but still don't seem to be receiving the email alert from the automation. Can you see anything wrong with the below?

  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    issue is probably that True and true do not match somewhere

    can go back and make the Transform step return something other than true, like 'OVER100'

    before that you can test the automation: 1) (temporarily) remove the filter TOLERANCE_LEVEL = True 2) add '@TOLERANCE_LEVEL' to the email content (so you can see the exact value being set) 3) run the workflow (without the filter so it definitely gets sent)