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Hi there, I am trying to fix a problem with telephone and mobile columns, the numbers are mixed up in both columns and I already separated them creating other columns, my question is. Can I merge to columns to put all mobile and phone numbers together?

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  • M.Lambert
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    That's great Mirjam, thanks a lot. I will have do some testing here to see what's better, but plenty of options, thanks again!


  • Mirjam Schuke
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    Hi M.

    What kind of inputs do you have? If you have only 1 value in either column you can easily merge them into 1 column via the Concatenate function.

    which gives you this output:

    If you have phone numbers in both columns, using Concatenate you end up with the 2 phone numbers in 1 column. But you can add a separator, like a pipe or a dash. This would get added to all values though, also the single ones.

    Another option if you have one value in either column is to use If then else:

    which gives you the same output as above. But If then else evaluates in order so it picks the phone number (as it's first) in this case. You would need to determine which column is more valuable/correct than the other.