How to view entire columns data from each steps of workflow?

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I have transforms, Group, and Filter steps on my workflow. And I'm concatenating four columns to create unique identifier columns. But when looking at the concatenated columns it is not displaying all data from each row and which made me think maybe data is getting truncated during the concatenation process. So, I copy data from the Experian and paste it into Excel, it was not being truncated. Please let me know if there is any way to can change the UI view entire data.

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  • Henry Simms
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    Hi @abhish

    What you're seeing here is the truncation applied by the UI to stop data grids from being very slow to open and explore in your browser. In fact, Data Studio is capable of loading values up to 32k bytes in length.

    There's a setting in Data Studio that controls how many characters are displayed in a cell in the UI, which you can find in Settings > Data handling (admins will be able to view and change this setting):

    Changing the limit will immediately cause more characters to appear in the grid, but there could be some impact on UI responsiveness