How do you compare 2 columns to locate and filter out duplicates?

Pete Robson
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Hi all,

If I want the values in Column A & Column B to be identical, what step do I need to put in place to compare the 2? Ultimately I want a step at the end of the workflow that filters out where both columns have matching values and are complete, and returns any rows with a null value or differing values between A & B.



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  • Pete Robson
    Pete Robson Member
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    Now resolved.

    In case it helps anyone else - I've used the Filter step to look for Equal values, then inverted the output to identify inconsistencies.

  • Mirjam Schuke
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    Hi Pete

    I was just going to answer. You can use Split that will show you passing and failing rows as results. Via Filter you apply your function (rule) for the 2 columns, e.g. if Column A equals Column B pass, otherwise fail. And neither column must contain null.