DR for Studio VM & Duplicate Store VM

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We have 2 Azure VMs- one with Aperture Data Studio Version and another with Find Duplicate Workbench version Both are up and running. As part of our backup strategy, we have implemented the following:

  1. We have kept the latest versions of all of our spaces ( dmx files) in a version control system
  2. We have enabled repositoy backup ( repository-backup-YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS.db ), which is taking backup onto the back folder of the Studio VM daily
  3. We are backing up the whole VM ( using CommVault) and store the VM images to the CommValut store daily. This has benn setup for both the studio VM and Duplicate Store VM.

Now, we would like to test the DR for both of the VMs. We are planing to spin up 2 new VM for our DR testing - one for Studio VM and the other for Duplicate Store VM. We have already procured the Aperture licence for our DR testing. We assume we have to perform either of the below 2 options:-

  1. Restore the VM backups to the new VMs and apply the new licence in Studio tool
  2. Do the installation Studio tool & address validation in the new Studio VM; Duplicate workbench installtion on Match store VM; and finally either import all the dmx file or copy the repository backup file in Studio VM

We would like to know which is the best option or any other better option suits in our scenario?

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