Can we create a Dropzone folder where we can use multiple files?

Mahulima Member
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Currently we can create One folder Per Dataset where I can use only one file to be uploaded. Can we have a folder in Dropzone where I can Place Multiple files together in the same folder? As this is now Dataset specific folder so is that be possible now to load multiple files?



  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    If these multiple files have different filetypes, schemas etc. then they will need to be created as separate Datasets, either loading the file via UI or from a folder. This folder can be the Server directory (%ROOT%/import) or an External system (S3/Azure/SFTP, etc.)

    A dropzone is a folder associated with a Dataset. You can load mulitple similar files into this Dataset

    Note that you can run a Workflow with a different data file of the same schema without loading it into a Dataset by selecting 'can supply source when executed' on the Source step: