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Hi there, I have a lot of data that is correct but in the wrong column for example, phone numbers on the lastname column, any idea on how to fix this?

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  • M.LambertM.Lambert Super Learner
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    Thank a lot Josh and Fatme I think I know what to do now. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator

    probably need more information here, but

    a) if entire column of phone numbers is in lastname column either rename column(s) using Transform or map data to correct schema using Map to target

    b) if majority of lastname column contains lastnames but some values are phone numbers then Transform into a 'NewPhone' column, check if value is a number (Remove noise, IsNumber) and 'If then else' true keep the value, else set value to null.

    Need to then decide what to do with the phone numbers in the lastname column (possibly do inverse of above and set to null in a subsequent step/action). Assuming there is already a Phone column can decide how want to compare/merge Phone and NewPhone


  • Fatme KungyovaFatme Kungyova Experian Employee

    Hi @M.Lambert, is that when you upload the data to Data Studio?

    If so, when you are uploading new dataset you can change the delimiter settings, which may be the reason why some values go to the wrong columns.
    When changing the delimiter you can see in the preview if all of the values are in the correct columns!

    Also if this doesn't work, it is worth checking the 'Quote characters' setting on the same 'Define settings' page!

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