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Ilona Niinivirta
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Let's say I have 100 workflows and would like to set up an automation to send me email when they are completed, except for 3 of them. Is there a way to exclude those three from triggering the automation?

In the filter settings for the triggering event I can add a "Workflow is not equal to" filter but it only accepts one workflow. If I try to add another filter, Workflow is not available as a filtering option anymore. Looks like it's possible to use each filtering option only only..?



  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Ilona, you are correct that currently each filter option is only available once and must be equal/not equal. This is something we are looking to improve but there is no ETA.

    (You could achieve this specific case using 3 filters: Workflow, Workflow name and Workflow URL, but agree this is not an ideal solution)

    To understand this further, why would you want to be emailed whenever 97 Workflows are run? What is special about the 3 being excluded (could it be an idea to have them in a separate space?)?

  • Henry Simms
    Henry Simms Administrator
    edited April 2023

    Hi @Ilona Niinivirta

    You could try using a custom event in the Fire Event step to trigger the notification from each workflow that you want a "workflow completed" notification from. You'd only need one custom event, but you would need to add Fire Event to the end of each of the 97 workflows (using the "Fire when workflow completes" option):

    This approach is possibly a bit quicker to implement and easier to follow than a single Automation with 97 filters.

  • Hi! Thanks for your comments!

    I don't actually have a 100 workflows I'd like to report on but I do have multiple workflows using the same datasets / views as sources so it makes sense to keep them in the same space.

    @Henry Simms: Your solution would actually work pretty nicely for notifying about workflow completion but the same filter problem exists also for other types of events. Let's say I'd like to direct notifications for most failed workflows to one person and then for those few others I'd like to direct them to another person.

    So it seems there are workarounds but to me the way the filter rule building is constrained is really strange, so I'm happy to hear this is already recognized as a possible improvement.