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Is there away that when a dataset is loaded via datasource or dropzone into Aperture, that when the workflow receives the dataset that this can be verified and completes and the rows not right can supply an alert. This is only required for the dataloads that what l load in, should be what we see at end of workflow.

For eg. Loaded a file into aperture as a dataset - 1000 records (excluding header or including) and when workflow ran at the end of the run into a snapshot l had a few hundred more.

It was due to a few reasons l fixed, but l think if we could get an alert so we are aware of what is loaded is what we have at end would assist.

Another issue l had was loaded the data into dropzone and when it loaded had more rows was due to hidden ; rows etc. as some of these loads a excel based, downloaded from systems with many characters, be a good alert to have until we can fully integrate from applications going forward.




  • Sueann SeeSueann See Experian Super Contributor

    @Carolyn would email notifications work for you?

    You can set up another notification on Dataset loaded to send you an email with the dataset details. Type "@" at the email content and you will be presented with a list of values that you can use. For example, your email content can be @DATASET_NAME loaded with @DATASET_ROWCOUNT rows.

    Similar, you can set up a separate notification for when workflow completed with the same email content.

    About the alert on hidden rows from Excel, i will take this feedback to the development team and see if there is anything that can be done about it.

  • CarolynCarolyn Contributor


    Yes this might work. Try this and let you know

    thanks for quick response

  • Sueann SeeSueann See Experian Super Contributor
    edited August 2020

    @Carolyn i forgot to mention that you will need an SMTP server set up at Settings , Communication if you haven't had one.

  • CarolynCarolyn Contributor

    We are not able to connect to email - it hasn't worked since we got product. Worked with Helpdesk and Bolgaria and we have tried numerous things with no luck. local helpdesk is going back to Bolgaria to find out next steps


  • Ian BuckleIan Buckle Experian Super Contributor

    An alternate approach you could take so you are only alerted when there is an issue is to build this in a workflow that executes after the Dataset load and Snapshot using the Row Count function.

    Have the workflow calculate the row count for each Source, Hide Columns and Sample to 1 Row and then Compare that the counts match. So you end up with data that looks like this:

    From there you can filter out any "true" values so that there will only be a row present if the rows are mismatched, you will then be able to use the Fire Event step to trigger an email if there is a row mismatch, note the tick box on "Only fire if input has rows".

    For Fire Event you will need to create two things a new Event under System -> Custom Event


    A new Notification which will send the Email as described by Sue Ann above setting the Trigger as the new event you have created.

    Full Workflow Below:

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