De_Dup failing

Anyone any ideas ?

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  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Administrator


    Is the application and associated services running ?

    This looks like the Find Duplicates service may not be running.

    If you cannot diagnose the state I recommend opening a support ticket via

  • ICT couldn't see FIND DUPLICATES as a service available on the server. I have a call with Kirsty and Wallace tomorrow so will explore it with them and see if they cant resolve it, if not I will ask for support.



  • stevenmckinnonstevenmckinnon Contributor

    Morning, just to resolve this one in case anyone else gets the same issue. Our Tomcat match version on the server was recently updated and we need to update the version within the aperture application as well.

    Was as simple as re-naming this to match the version on the server.

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