Find Duplicate new feature compatibility

Mahulima Contributor
edited December 2023 in General

We are using 2.9.6 ADS version in our prod serverand we have WFs to replace the existing duplicate store data. Now we have upgraded Latest ADS version 2.10.2 in our DEV environment and we see that Find Duplicate has lot of new functionalities with some new components. For our existing wf we still want to go with the same flow so was wondering if we do upgrade in PROD with 2.10.2 whether new functionality will break the existing one in prod?



  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Hi Mahulima

    As a rule we never push out breaking changes. If we did need to ever push out a breaking change it would be called out explicitly and we would try to contact any customers we think might be affected to ensure they are aware.

    In this case I assume you tested the behaviour on your dev environment to confirm there are no issues