Experian Hosted Aperture Data Studio Maintenance Policy

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The Experian Hosted Aperture Data Studio maintenance policy outlines the defined windows in which Experian Hosted Data Studio is maintained and may be unavailable to customers. During maintenance, the service is upgraded to provide customers with new features and enhancements. Additionally, maintenance windows are used to update the service to ensure its security, availability, and performance.  

We ask that you plan your use of Experian Hosted Data Studio outside of defined maintenance windows. 

There are 3 types of maintenance that can happen for Experian Hosted Aperture Data Studio

  • Release Maintenance
  • System Maintenance
  • Emergency Maintenance

Release Maintenance 

  • Release maintenance is for upgrading Experian Hosted Aperture Data Studio to the latest product version to deliver enhanced features and functionality. 
  • Upgrades will be carried out monthly and take place outside of core service hours to minimize the impact of service downtime.   
  • Upgrade windows are scheduled on the second Monday of each month for non-Production environments and on the third Monday of each month for Production environments. This provides seven days for customers to perform any testing of new versions ahead of the upgrade being applied to Production environments. 
  • The exact dates and times for upgrade windows are published at least 3 months in advance for each region.
  • Please note that during an upgrade window, any user sessions and jobs running within Experian Hosted Aperture Data Studio will be terminated. 
  • Customers will be notified by email to their registered email address ahead of each Production upgrade window, at the start of downtime and following completion of upgrades.

System Maintenance

  • System maintenance is used to sustain the security of the infrastructure supporting Experian Hosted Aperture Data Studio.  This primarily involves safely and automatically patching the virtual machines in your environment to maintain security compliance.  
  • Scheduled system maintenance will take place weekly.
  • Please note that during a system maintenance window, any user sessions and jobs running within Experian Hosted Aperture Data Studio may be terminated. 
  • Customers will not be automatically notified for routine system maintenance.    

Emergency Maintenance 

  • In circumstances that require immediate attention, Experian Hosted Aperture Data Studio will undergo emergency maintenance. 
  • Emergency maintenance is conducted on an as-needed basis and can occur any day of the week. 
  • We will make reasonable efforts to conduct emergency maintenance outside of core service hours and to notify customers by email to their registered email address should emergency maintenance become necessary. 
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