Experian Address Validation Results Limit

We are trying to integrate Experian Address validation REST API into our system. It looks like the results are limited to 7 items. What I've noticed is there is a field called more_results_available which is set to true.

What I can't see in the documentation is how to access those extra results?


  • BorissBoriss Experian Employee


    Thanks a lot for your question.

    Our Experian Address Validation currently has a limit of 7 results per response. In the previous version of our REST service (Global Intutive, https://docs.experianaperture.io/address-validation/global-intuitive/api-reference/api-specification/) , this was a configurable option (see "take" parameter). However, based on global feedback and data analysis performed when the newer service was rolled out, we decided against keeping this parameter to keep things as fast as possible. If you'd like to put a request to have this parameter added to the Experian Address Validation service, please provide us with a little more detail on the use case/s, and your desired "max" value for such a parameter. Thank you!

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