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Many of my connections are bold and brave enough to have become, or are aspiring to become, independent consultants. Over 50 of them are Experian Advocates, and I've met hundreds of amazing people and built some truly incredible partnerships.

Whilst some of you offer the same or similar services, you are all unique, and I want to help you and your clients understand why.

I'm lucky enough that Experian continue to value the work that I do, and therefore we'll be taking Experian Advocates - formerly the Experian Pandora Advocates Club - into it's fourth year of life.

We built the program with the help of some wonderful, talented people, many of whom I am lucky enough still to be in contact with. I learned a lot over the past three years, and continue to mould and shape the club in the image I believe to offer the most value to myself, my employers, and most importantly the Data Management Industry and the people in it.

I've made many promises, and I intend to keep them:

  • Becoming an advocate will always be free.
  • You will continue to receive the benefits (and more) for free.
  • I will personally ensure you become the best consultant you can be.
  • The focus remains on independents, but you can still become an advocate if you are an employee.
  • We will do a better job of listening, and less talking.

That last one, is starting to show itself as where we can add the most value.

By forcing you to go through an application process, we can better understand and help you meet your goals, objectives and needs.

I am happy and proud to say we have helped people change their careers, and perhaps their lives, through this program and I promise we will do this on a bigger and better scale in the future - regardless of whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you think about Experian.

All I ask is that you invest some time in yourself before you join up with us, so that we can do the best possible job of helping you.

Many thanks for reading,

and I hope to hear from you soon.


[email protected]

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