ℹ️  Consumer Users, Reports and Scoreboard Charts

Josh BoxerJosh Boxer Administrator
edited June 9 in General discussion

The Chart step has had several improvements in the past few months, most recently a new chart type named Scoreboard, which can be used to highlight important values or metrics on your Report.

The Report step allows you to view up to three inputs (charts or data tables) side by side split either horizontally or vertically:

(Note above that the steps feeding into the report have been renamed ‘Key Metrics’ and ‘Sales Data’ which is then shown in the report as a title for each section.)

Report steps can be nested which gives flexibility over the layout:

Once the final report is built and ready to share, check the ‘Expose to Data Consumer users’ option on the workflow step. Then finish editing and Publish the Workflow.

Finally, you can check how this will appear for your Consumer users by going to the user menu then ‘Act as a Data Consumer’


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