Finding earliest date in a cluster


I have multiple rows for a customer and each row has a modified on date. I want to find the earliest date (most recent date) in the cluster.


Clusterid modified date

1 01-01-1999

1 02-01-2009

1 03-08-2009

1 04-09-2008

2 01-01-2020

2 01-01-2019

Therefore for cluster 1 give me the full row based on this modified date - 03-08-2009

For cluster 2, full row for the one with 01-01-2020

is there an easy way to flag the row with the most recent in the cluster and then just select that row for each cluster?

Please advise

thanks for your assistance



  • Clinton JonesClinton Jones Experian Elite
    edited September 2020

    @Carolyn there are a couple of wasy to do this. One way is to perform a grouping on the records selecting the minimum value of the date as an aggregate, that will give you the oldest date, you can then join that back to the Find Duplicates results.

    If you don't want to use grouping then you can use the Harmonize step configuration to select the record with oldest date as the survivor and then use Harmonize merge rules to choose the attributes from the related cluster records to derive the best blended record.

    this takes me from this

    to this

    you can see for cluster1 that the earliest suggested date is now 01 May 1929 and for cluster2 it is 14 Sept 1935

    Within the grouping system i am using minimum (as long as the date is defined as a date)

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