Notification setup to trigger Schedule


I have set up a notification, so when a few datasets are loaded, it kicks of the schedule

im struggling to get this working.

then in the schedule

What should you put into these fields? Above this l have all the workflows that should start loading after the datasets are updated. We require the schedule to only be kicked off when all the datasets are loaded within the time period.



  • Sueann SeeSueann See Administrator

    @Carolyn For the Events set up, you will need to decide if the schedule will be triggered even if the dataset fails to load within the time period. In my example, i've used 5 minutes, meaning i would expect File A and File b to load within 5 minutes, but even if they don't, i will still go ahead and trigger the schedule after 5 minutes since "Trigger if expired" is checked on.

    For the schedule, if you want to run it every week, then enter 1 for the week, and select the day on which you expect it to run.

    If you want it to run every 2 weeks, then enter 2 for the week.

  • Henry SimmsHenry Simms Administrator

    Hi @Carolyn

    If you only want the schedule to run from the notification, and never on a regular schedule, you can just disable the schedule so that it shows as "Not scheduled". It will still run when the notification's trigger conditions are met.

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