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These are the latest installers available for Aperture Data Studio

Do note that it is not mandatory to install every minor release, although we typically recommend that you perform an upgrade at least once every quarter.

Page updated: 4 December 2023

** Anyone running version 2.12.4/5/6/7 is strongly recommended to upgrade to 2.12.8 (or a later version) to prevent issues in future. **

Aperture Data Studio

Current Release: 2.12.9

[ds-download|Download Experian Aperture Data Studio for Windows|2.12.9 (Windows)|https://edqcdnprod.blob.core.windows.net/static/aperture-data-studio/Experian%20Aperture%20Data%20Studio%20v2%20Setup.zip]


The download is .Zip file which once unzipped will launch a wizard to guide you through the install or upgrade process:

[ds-download|Download Experian Aperture Data Studio Container Images for Linux|2.12.9 (Linux)|https://edqcdnprod.blob.core.windows.net/static/aperture-data-studio/Experian%20Aperture%20Data%20Studio%20v2%20Container.zip]

Optional for Linux, download latest JDBC drivers, unzip and copy all/required to drivers directory



Find Duplicates Service

Current Release: 3.9.3 (Standardize 4.7.22)

[ds-download|Download Experian Aperture Data Studio Find Duplicates Service for Windows |3.9.3 (FD)|https://edqcdnprod.blob.core.windows.net/static/aperture-data-studio/Experian%20Find%20Duplicates%20v2%20Setup.zip]


  • Find Duplicates Workbench is included as part of the Typical installation for this installer. When installing (or upgrading) Aperture Data Studio you may want to select Custom and exclude Find Duplicates Workbench to avoid unnecessary disk space consumption. You will be using Find Duplicates Workbench on the Find Duplicates server instead because there is where your duplicates store will reside.


Current Release: 2.3.4

No longer fully supported as users move to the more modern and easier to implement OData to connect to third-party systems without needing a separate installation. However, discuss with your Experian contact if you still have a need for ODBC



Current Release: 2.8.1

Get the Experian Aperture Data Studio Software Development Kit here.




  • Hello,

    My group typically favors keeping up with the latest patch quarterly, without changing versions or major releases. If we are currently running 2.6.2, and would like the latest patch, 2.6.12 (according to https://community.experianaperture.io/categories/aperture-data-studio-downloads-and-release-notes ), how can one download this patch? Thanks for any help.

  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator

    Hi @Rfaas

    We encourage taking the latest releases as they contain security updates, bug fixes and the latest functionality. You can download v2.7 is available here https://community.experianaperture.io/discussion/813/aperture-data-studio-version-2-7-april-2022-inc-download-links and v2.8 will be available in the next week.

    If you want to be made aware of releases so that you can download the one you want when it becomes available then it is possible to bookmark the channel https://community.experianaperture.io/discussion/548/email-notification-of-new-aperture-data-studio-releases

  • Thank you Josh, for your quick response. Major changes in functionality are what we are trying to avoid during our routine patch cadence, without planning verification with the customer users. If you are saying 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 do not change much as far as functionality, then we will consider these "patches". I probably misunderstood your numbering convention. When the software eventually goes to 3.x, and let's say our user community wishes to stay on their current 2.x version, will those patches be available, or will only the latest 3.x updates be available (as is the case for 2.6 vs 2.7 now)?

    Thanks again

  • Josh Boxer
    Josh Boxer Administrator
    edited July 2022

    Functionality changes are called out in the release notes, but yes the change between say v2.7 and the previous version 2.6.12 is unlikely to be huge. Any major functionality introduced in a v2.X release will likely have been included in beta a few releases prior for testing and feedback purposes. Most likely we will keep a number of releases live for customers such as yourselves who want to access them for longer, but if any significant vulnerabilities are found (as happened with log4j in Dec) then all previous version would be withdrawn.

    Hope that helps

  • @Josh Boxer , . @Ian Hayden
    if only ADS version 2.11.2 has changed from 2.11.1 and Find Duplicates Current Release: 3.8.16 (Standardize 4.7.20) is same,
    do we just upgrade ADS version from 2.11.1 to v2.11.2 and not touch our Find Duplicates installation,
    as in our env both components are installed as separate instance.
    please let us know

  • Ian Hayden
    Ian Hayden Administrator

    @HussainSyed You can update ADS alone without any issues in this case.

  • thanks @Ian Hayden .