Cleansing Fields


I have fields that are quite messy when l receive them. We will be going back to source and cleansing this up but at present, we want to load data in data studio and then see if l can cleanse within aperture and then load back into source. My question is, is there away to cleanse a data within a field - for eg:

This is surname


HLS/BL Smith

[D] Cheng

Want to be able to remove the HLS/BL and [D] from the field - not always at beginning can be at end as well



  • Sueann SeeSueann See Administrator

    @Carolyn not sure how many values you have identified that you want to replace?

    Option 1: chain a number of "Replace" functions

    Option 2: Use a text file to maintain the words to be removed, upload this as a dataset. Then, use the Remove Matches function to lookup the words to be removed.

  • CarolynCarolyn Contributor


    That's very clever. Will give this ago now thanks

  • CarolynCarolyn Contributor

    thanks this worked.


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